25 May 2010

Marsh Fritillaries on the wing.

Paul Tyrrell wrote: With the warm weather this weekend many insects and butterflies were on the wing. Best of all, the first of the Gower fritillaries, this Marsh Fritillary (Eurodryas aurinia) is one of our less common butterflies, found in south and west Wales and the south west of England.
[Great photos Paul. I believe that Kathryn Thomas NT assistant warden  saw the first Gower Marsh Fritillary for 2010 on 17th May at Welsh Moor. If anyone can beat that, or have any sightings of this species, then please let me know.]


Mark Hipkin said...

Very, very nice. I hold high hopes for one of these in the Neath Valley this summer.

Barry Stewart said...

Apparently Paul's first sighting was on the 15th May.