27 May 2010

Unveiled,Mystery Wader at Eglwys

Visit to Eglwys Nunydd this afternoon didn't produce much of any note, birdwise. However, I bumped into George Morgan who was able solve the Wader Mystery! This was first brought to light in this earlier posthttp://goweros.blogspot.com/2010/05/dunlins-at-eglwys.html

It was George Morgan who had found a summer plumage Spotted Redshank around the 15th May 2010. Congratulations go to George, on a very nice local patch record and also Bernie Beck who had his money on this species. Cheque's in the post, Bernie!

Butterflies from today included 11 The Wall (Lasiommata megera) and 1 Small Blue (Cupido minimus). These butterflies were braving the wind and in sheltered spots around Margam Moors


bernie b said...

Hi Mark,so spotted red was spot on,might have had a bit of an edge,served my time on waders and seabirds,around Hartlepool/Teesside.Cheers Bernie

Barry Stewart said...

Hi Bernie. Just the mention of Teeside takes me back to my earlier birding days - the area has turned up so many good birds! I see the was a report of another Long-toed Stint back in the north-east a few weeks back. Do you know if this was this gen? I remember the bird back in the early 1980's ('82?) and never realised then how rare it would remain!

bernie b said...

Hi Barry,the last bird turned out to be a Little Stint.Another blast from the past up there,not to be repeated in BRITAIN since 1989,is the Double-crested Cormorant,I give the birds at SWP more than a glance.Also myself and a mate were fortunate enough to find the Short-billed Dowitcher,up there in 1999,another bird not recorded in BRITAIN since.The areas we watch now is well placed for some yankee waders,fingers crossed,and just keep plugging away,cheers Bernie