30 May 2010


I took a walk to Pwlldu today to see how the Red Hemp-nettle (Galeopsis angusifolium), listed as 'critically endangered' was doing; although not yet flowering around 200 shoots were noted. Other noteworthey plants from a list of around 180 species included Basil Thyme, Horseshoe-vetch, Juniper and Sea Carrot.
View into Pwlldu Bay from Cliff above Seven Slades. I have not been to this site for a good few years and was surprised at the level cattle-grazing.
Red Hemp-nettle starting to show on the shingle ridge; the plants seem to have a very restricted distribution on the ridge
Wood Spurge and Black Bryony growing amongst the Bracken in a managed area on the cliff slope to the east of Pwldu.
There were also good numbers of Small Blue and Wall butterflies, a few Brown Argus and Dingy Skippers plus the migrant moth Rush veneer. A Heather Ladybird was also seen on a plant of Marjoram.

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