06 February 2011

Iolo talk for Gower Bird Hospital

Iolo Williams is a Patron of Gower Bird Hospital and we are delighted that he has agreed to do an illustrated talk to raise funds for the Hospital. The talk is called “The Wonderful Wildlife of Wales” and will be on Monday 7th February 2011 at 7.30pm at The Grove Lecture Theatre, Singleton Campus, Swansea University. Admission is £5 and all funds raised will go towards the running costs of Gower Bird Hospital.
Many thanks from Karen, Simon and all at Gower Bird Hospital.
Iolo A4 Colour


Jeff said...

Wot a cock up !!
I guess I'm not alone in being extremely disappointed at not being able to gain access last night,if ever there was a case for selling advance tickets instead of admission on the door on the night this was it.
Three of us arrived at 7.10pm for the 7.30pm start to find that the venue was full and dozens of people were being turned away,I know it was nobodies fault as the fantastic response could not have been envisaged.
The selling of tickets though would have at least given the organizers some idea of the numbers who wanted to attend and the gig could have been moved to a larger venue.
Anyway,I've had my moan,I hope that the Gower Bird Hospital benefitted from the night and that another similar evening can be organised.

Barry Stewart said...

Jeff, I know when the bird hospital staff asked Iolo what sort of numbers to expect he modestly told them around 100, so by booking a venue with a capacity of 300 they thought they clearly thought there would be plenty space for all comers. I think think the reponse surprised everyone! I know it's no consolation, but Iolo really was on top form and I'm sure the evening was a considered a great success for the Gower Bird Hospital.

Barry Stewart said...

Excuse the dodgey typing!