28 February 2011

Otter at Oxwich

Paul Tyrrel has spent a lot of time in the new hide at Oxwich Marsh and was rewarded with some fabulous views and photographs of Otter. He also saw 3 Hen Harriers there yesterday (2 males and a female). Three of Paul's photos taken on the 26th...


Jeff said...

Great images Paul and really like the f Hen Harrier as well in one of the earlier postings,I was one of the two guys that visited the hide briefly just after noon on Sat and got talking to you before heading off to watch the rugby and have a few bevvies !!
Nice to put a face to the name,looks like we should have stuck around judging by the views of Otter and Hen Harrier you obtained later in the afternoon.
It was my first visit to the hide and I was well impressed by the superb build quality and size,it was also really heartenning to see the amount of work that has gone into rejuvenating a reserve which over the years had really fallen into decline.
It's not difficult to see the potential of this reserve which will undoudtedly become the premier reserve in West Glamorgan.
Huge congratulations to all involved and I look forward to spending many hours there with the camera looking for that one great photo opportunity.
May bump into you again Paul next weekend !!

Mark Hipkin said...

Yeah, very nice shots Paul. Looks like all the hours you've put in there are really starting to pay off.

Jeremy said...

Lovely shots! Well done to those involved with the construction of this hide, although I'm not so sure of its build quality: I noticed one of the hinges holding the window open (opening at the left end, I think) was already coming off!

Caroline Gill said...

Those Otter pix are amazing. I wonder what time of day they were taken?