12 February 2011

Lapland Buntings still at Paviland

Not exactly the Rapid Response Unit but, today I went down to Paviland stubble fields hopeful that the Lapland Buntings would still be around. They made me work for them and I could easily have overlooked them but, it was well worth the effort in the end.
Initially about ten birds flew a short distance and called which made me aware of their presence. I moved to within 40 yards of them set up the camera and hoped that they would eventually come to me. Luckily a male(both above) and female(below) worked their way towards me feeding the whole time.
A Blackbird alarm calling from a nearby hedge was followed by the group to take fight together, I was able to make a quick count and found 22 birds.

Follow the link below for footage of the the male Lapland Bunting. Not exactly a frame filler but it does show the bird in a "typical view."



Barry Stewart said...

Fabulous shots Mark - that male is really starting to develop some colour. Another month and there should be some absolute stunners. Let's hope they stick around that long...

Jeremy said...

Lovely shots! What's the grid reference for this site? Is it accessed from the footpath from near Pilton Green Farm?

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks Barry, it would be great to see a sum plum male Lapland Bunting in these parts, count me in the search party!

Thanks Jeremy, Barry's original post and comments from November last year is still appropriate with regards to using this area http://goweros.blogspot.com/2010/11/lapland-buntings-at-paviland.html
My sighting today was at SS443859 but there are so many suitable areas here, luck plays its part. I parked at Overton and follwed the coastal path. Good Luck