26 February 2011

Early Wasp

By this time last year I had seen seen my first bumblebee and butterflies of the year. I haven't been so lucky with either this year but, a queen Common Wasp Vespula vugaris was in my car this morning. I'm not sure if it has wintered in there, since my sunroof is almost always slightly open, or got in there by some other means? Probably the greenhouse effect from today's sun has woken it up a little early.

While doing a survey at Aberavon Beach today, to look for washed up birds and signs of oil spill, the number of Sanderling present was impressive. Between the Neath river and Afan river I counted 529! 375 on Aberavon beach and another 154 in the small bay between the piers. Also today, 2 Mediterranean Gulls coming into full summer plumage.

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Caroline Gill said...

We saw a Bumblebee today at Pembrey and a ?hover bee of some kind - picture here, along with toads.