12 February 2011

Pink-footed Geese around Kenfig NNR

I was very pleased to receive a message from Martyn Hnatiuk earlier today informing me that 14 Pink-footed Geese were in the fields around Kenfig Pool. I was still in Gower at the time but thought it was worth chancing they'd still be present. They were but, only just! on arrival to the carpark at Kenfig I took the dreaded second call that they had flown off. However, Paul Parsons, who had arrived just before me, saw them in flight toward the fields behind Kenfig village.
They were still flying when I noticed them and they came over the carpark before settling in the field at the west end of Heol Ton which is on the opposite side of the main road past the Centre.

Follow this link below for footage of the Geese. Be advised, there is not much action!


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