19 February 2011

Rose-moss at Cwm Ivy

A walk around the new slack at Whiteford with Veronica Shenston this morning produced some useful records of mosses and liverworts, but the best species was saved until last as we were walking back past Cwm Ivy Tor. I was telling Veronica that we should look out for Rose-moss (Rhodobryum roseum), as Sam Bosanquet said that this was the last place it was recorded in Glamorgan. On cue Veronica immediatey spotted some large rosettes - Bingo!
Rhodobryum roseum (Rose-moss)
 Also of potential interest was this leafy liverwort which looks like another scarce species, though needs confirmation...  ...no specimen retained for confirmtion, but Sam Bosanquet informs me this is probably just Lesser Featherwort. Still an attractive species nonetheless :o)
 Plagiochila porelloides (Lesser Featherwort)
 Plagiochila porelloides (Lesser Featherwort) detail
 Photographs from the Whiteford new slack at http://moonmoths.blogspot.com/

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Charles Hipkin said...

Great find Barry and Veronica. That new slack sounds awesome.