18 February 2011

Otter at Kenfig

(c) M.J. Clark
Mike Clark wrote: 'I hope I am wrong about it being a pregnant female, if young turn up on site I think the use of dead bait for Pike should be stopped until further notice...  ... It ate two Perch approx. 7oz each while I took photos.'

(c) M.J. Clark
Clearly a keen footie fan - Bluebirds or Swans I wonder?

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Mark Barber said...

I briefly spoke to Bob Haycock after his Chough talk on Friday. He is based up by bosherston lakes and mentioned how a fisherman managed to hook an otter on the lakes. It took him 30 minutes to get it, the barbless hook was on the otters lower lip and the man's arms got very mauled! The otter wasn't looking too good after that but apparently was spotted at a later date ok. Not sure what type of fishing he was doing, but I have seen some huge pike at bosherston!