24 May 2011

Busy Plovers

chick hiding under clover after a gull went over 
A pair of Little Ringed Plovers with young at site in Port Talbot Docks were extremely tolerant of vehicles passing within yards of where they'd chosen to let their chicks feed. In fact one chick actually went through a fence and under my car at one point (parked I hasten to add!).
male LRP on guard duty
Breeding Ringed Plovers also present at another site not far away probably on second attempt.
male RP calling to female


Mark Hipkin said...

Nice shots Barry, especially of the chick. I notice you had a couple of other nice records today, both NPT ticks for me. Quite jealous!

Barry Stewart said...

I knew you needed Purple Sand but never realised you also need Arctic Skua. Initially I thought they were Poms, but as soon as I got the scope on them the tails were obvious. Just a matter of time before you get one I'm sure.

Jeff said...

Great record and excellent photos,nice one !!