19 May 2011

Vagrant Emperor sightings request

In recent weeks a dragonfly blog has been set up specifically to share and help record dragonflies within the VC41 boundaries. Adrian Parr contacted this blog with regards to Vagrant Emperor sightings. Adrian is a member of the British Dragonfly Society and Migrant Dragonfly Officer. He is working on an article documenting the recent extraordinary numbers of this species in the British Isles, to be published this summer. It would be great if you have been fortunate enough to have seen this dragonfly and are able to contribute to building a picture, to be presented in this article. If you have seen this species or know someone who has and have not yet reported it to a county recorder, then please provide contact details to

Adrian Parr at adrian.parr@btinternet.com

Mike Powell at mike.powell2@coorsbrewers.com

VC41 dragonfly blog at vc41drogonfly@gmail.com        and details will be forwarded on.

Adrian provided a nice bit of information which shows what a remarkable dragonfly the Vagrant Emperor is and also how remarkable the recent "invasion" has been.

These last few months have seen record numbers of Vagrant Emperor dragonflies reported from the UK. This species normally breeds in sub-Sarahan Africa, but is a very powerful migrant, having reached both Iceland and the New World (the Caribbean) in the past. Prior to this year, there had been only some 30 records from Britain in the past 100 years.

To check out the VC41 Dragonfly blog follow the link below.

VC41 Dragonfly Blog

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