17 May 2011

last lot from Parkmill I promise!

Syrphus ribesii: Hoverfly

 Nomada fabriciana: thanks Andrew Grace of Hastings (see below)

Tetrix undulata: small grasshopper like animal, adult at this size

Rhagio scolopaceus: Downlooker/ snipe fly look on sunny tree trunks

Pyrochroa serraticornis: a cardinal beetle, antennae look wrong (female) so maybe I am?


Barry Stewart said...

Re: P. serraticornis - I think the pectinations are probably facing away from the camera, hence their apparent absence. Great photos Ian - good to see you're giving work on the house a break :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this terrific blog. The writing and photographs are superb. I actually hail from The Rhondda and often wonder what the birding would be like - really exciting to read about the Woodchat shrikes and others, and in such superb landscapes (excepting the White Stork!).

The bee in the photograph here looks to be Nomada fabriciana which is one of the cuckoos. There are a number of hosts recorded in Britain among the Andrenas and possibly also Halictus rubicundus and Panurgus banksianus.

Very Best Regards

Andrew Grace
Hastings. East Sussex