17 May 2011

even more from Parkmill valley

14 spot ladybird: Propylea 14 punctata

Garlic hoverfly: Portevinia maculata

Myathropa florea: a hoverfly

Melanostoma scalare: a hoverfly

Maybe Lissonota setosa: a big ichneumon which lays on goat moth larvae if it's this species.
Mick Massie suggests possibly Dolichomitus imperator to be seen on www.natureconservationimaging/images/Dolichomitus-imperator-1.jpg

but on the same site is Ephialtes manifestator which looks uncannily similar. Neither of these lays on goat moth, end of excitement!

Hornet seen by Penny Neyland but not photographed, 3 seen in widely differing places during the whole week, they must be getting common now.


Barry Stewart said...

What tree was the ichneumon on? Goat Moths are very scarce these days, so worth checking for larval signs.

i.f.tew said...

A cut log standing upright on the ground about 2 feet high, full of holes about 1cm in diameter from which the miners had already emerged? The same thought had occurred to me but it may be the wrong species and therefore the wrong host.

Nigel Ajax Lewis said...

The only Goat Moth records for Gower I was aware of where of them emerging from the rotting wooded steps of Chris Segar's caravan at Llangennith Burrows about 20 years ago. Which was interesting to me as my only other sighting of this species ever was when they emerged from the rotting wooded steps of the cricket pavilion at my secondary school.