11 May 2011

Woochat and Yellowhammers

A quick visit down to the scene of Wendell Thomas' Woodchat Shrike found the bird showing very nicely indeed. Sadly the same cannot be said about the Sun! It looks like a different bird to the one seen at Llangennith last month; this bird shows hardly any white around the eye and above the bill, unlike the Llangennith Shrike.

I bumped into Neil Edwards shortly after arriving and he informed me that there were a few Yellowhammers further along the road. After watching the Shrike for a bit, both Chris Jenkins and myself decided to have a look for the Yellowhammers. Following the trace of the calls on the wind was proving a little frustrating but our luck turned when the above male started singing and sat boldly in a burnt Gorse bush. At least 2 singing males present, earlier Neil had noted at least 3 calling birds. With this one male sitting so nicely I was forced into taking a bit of footage which can be found below via the link, unfortunately the song has not recorded.

Yellowhammer video

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