07 May 2011

keep an eye out for this hoverfly.

A specimen brought to me by Paul Alton from just north of Llandeilo and keyed out independently by both of us as Cheilosia chrysocoma is scattered and not recorded from Gower. It's flying now and may lay on Angelica or Cow Parsley in wooded areas on limestone near wet places (or not!). Keep and eye out as it may well be under recorded. Anyone else seen it anywhere? He said there were quite a few flying and also Andrena cineraria. While we're at it how can I submit this record, I've just spent a very frustrating 10 seconds looking on the hoverfly website, also anywhere local to Carms?

Other picture is of a pair of Centrotus cornutus on elder in the university.


Nigel Ajax Lewis said...


Wales has got complete coverage of a network of four local records centres, see http://www.lrcwales.org.uk/
and one place you could submit your Carmarthenshire records in the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre [WBIC] at Whitland.

Just click on the 2nd logo in the line of them.

That way your record will also get into the national recording scheme in due course.

Anonymous said...

There are also records from SE Carmarthenshire -see the Dyfed Invertebrate Group website [search on Google]. This includes my review of hoverflies in Carmarthenshire in Vol33 [1996].The national recording scheme is run by Roger Morris -email roger.morris@dsl.pipex.com
The Dipterists website www.dipteristsforum.org.uk is worth looking at too.
Ian Morgan

i.f.tew said...

thanks very much for all your help. I have been in contact with the national recording scheme. Glad the DIG is still going I'll check out the website and also submit the record to the local information centre.