23 May 2011

Narrow-bordered Bee Hawks on Welsh Moor

Paul Tyrrell wrote 'Have been out on Welsh Moor over the past few weeks, and have been able to find and photo, what I think is the Narrow-bordered Bee Hawkmoth (Hemaris tityus). I seem to remember you asking me to keep an eye out for them, as Welsh Moor is a good spot. First seen on 30th April, and have seen several since, although Saturday 21st May the only one found was dead.'

These are excellent sightings Paul of one of Glamorgan's BAP Priority moths and that's a great action shot of one nectaring on Lousewort. Like the Marsh Fritillaries you saw at this site last week, the larval foodplant is Devil's-bit Scabious.


Mark Hipkin said...

Cracking shot Paul of a moth I'd very much like to see one day.

Meriwether said...

One for the album or the MofG!! Brilliant.