13 January 2012

Crimson Speckled in Horton

(c) C. Careless
Caroline Careless of Malvern, Worcs sent me four prints of a specimen of the Crimson Speckled that she photographed whilst on holiday in Horton on 14th October last year, providing proof of the first modern record of this rare migrant moth in Glamorgan. Caroline wrote '...I was walking back up to the camp-site...when I stopped to rest on the bench on the right hand side of the road. The moth showed up clearly against the dark wood of the bench seat and fluttered up onto the nearby wall before labouring its way across the road onto a high stone garden wall...where the photographs were taken...'
(c) C. Careless


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that entirely independantly a Gary Lewis reported one at the Quays, Port Talbot on the Glamorgan Bird Blog on exactly the same date "1 Crimson Speckled moth flying around the vegetation 3.30pm Sorry no photo only had my mobile."

Which received quite a snooty response due to the lack of ability to verify.

Whereas Dave Boyle caught and photographed one on Skomer Head on 4th October as reported on Pembs Birds.



Gary Lewis said...

Gary Lewis Thats me by the way, did see one at the Quays in Port Talbot and as stated couldn't get a photo to prove it.

Barry Stewart said...

I have no doubt Gary did see a Crimson Speckled, lets face it it's a pretty unmistakable insect, even for a non-moth'er. But as I'm no longer the Moth Recorder the decision wasn't mine to make. In defence of Dave Slade who is now the MR he sticks firmly to his policy of a voucher specimen or photo with all rare moths. This policy is pretty much the norm in the moth community due to the complexity of moth identification. One thing's for sure the decision not to include unvalidated records is not a personal one and perhaps now, with proof of this one he might look into reviewing Gary's record?

Barry Stewart said...

PS. Gary, whether included as a valid record or not, I wish I was in your shoes on 14th Oct last year ;)