20 January 2012

Local scenes

There's been a fair bit of action around our shores recently and I've been trying to capture a bit of it on film, in a bid to catch up in one go I've grouped three videos together in this post. Two are from Oxwich and one from Aberavon. I've tried to capture the variety of action at Oxwich in the first link and the next two concentrate on the Iceland Gulls at Oxwich and the bottom link shows an Iceland Gull at Jackstones Pier, Aberavon. As Barry has mentioned below the action at Oxwich seems to have dried up and to my knowledge the featured Iceland Gulls have moved on. All the same it was great while it lasted and there will be a few more Iceland Gulls found before the winter is out I'm sure!

General scene at Oxwich Bay 29th December 2011

Iceland Gulls at Oxwich Bay

Iceland Gull at Aberavon

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