19 January 2012

Whooper Swans on Broad Pool

Philip Croft wrote: 'On Tuesday morning [17th], about 9am, I was driving past Broad Pool. I saw swans on it (which is unusual, anyway), assumed they were Mute, then glanced sideways and saw the bill pattern on one; it was a Whooper. I reversed back and had a good look; there were six Whooper Swans and four Mute Swans on the pool. For 18 years I drove past Broad Pool twice a day and never saw Whooper Swans on it, so this is pretty unusual.'
It appears the small group of Mute Swans that has been present for the last week or so may have attracted the Whoopers to land on the pool.

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Barry Weston said...

Before first light on Sunday Andrew Lucas and I were driving past Broad Pool when we saw 5 swans on the water. Andrew hastily reversed back in the hope they were Whoopers but alas they were Mutes. We should have parked there for a couple of days!