10 January 2012


I've not heard of many Firecrests this winter, though thankfully Goldcrests seem to be in good supply after being very scarce the previous two winters.
Firecrest (c) Wayne Davies
This jewel of a bird has been present at Kidwelly sewage works for a few weeks and seems fairly reliable along with the long-staying Long-billed Dowitcher, which is usually north of the quay. In fact the best placed to look for the Dowitcher is on the bend just above the railway bridge, looking from the riverside path at Glan-yr-afon Park ~SN400068. Many thanks to Wayne for this cracking photo.

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Mark Hipkin said...

Stunning! Anyone who might not have seen a Firecrest before may think there's something wrong with this photo; their plumage is breathtaking! Fantastic birds, well done Wayne.