25 January 2012

Frog spawn: First dates table

Last nights mild and wet conditions seems to have sparked some more amphibian activity, resulting in 5 clumps of spawn being laid in our Gorseinon garden last night.

4th Jan Carn Glas Road, Swansea, Siriol Jones
7th Jan: Clydach, Swansea, Andrew Lucas (poss a few days old)
25th Jan: Gorseinon, Barry& Sandra Stewart
25th Jan: North side of Cefn Bryn, Mark Barber
26th Jan: Swansea Community Farm, Fforest Fach, Mark Barber


Mark Barber said...

25th Jan: North side of Cefn Bryn, Mark Barber. One clump of spawn in ditch.

Mark Barber said...

26th Jan: Swansea Community Farm,Fforest Fach. Mark Barber. Lots of activity and clumps.