16 January 2012

Otter in Neath

I was delighted to find an Otter using the Neath River not far from where I often go to check out what's present around the Neath Saltmarsh. The photo is a still from a video which is much better and can be found following the link below. The Neath Abbey salt marsh  is a very valuable natural resource right in the heart of Neath. In the last 16 months it has produced some nice records such as Pink-footed Goose, Spoonbills, Ospreys and this Otter.

Otter video


n.edwards said...

nothing lifts the spirit like a local otter.

Jeff said...

Very nice video clip Mark,I love the way that otters move especially over the ground,a "jizz" all of their own.

badger said...

Brilliant Mark well done