28 January 2012

Iolo talk

Iolo Williams is a Patron of Gower Bird Hospital and we are delighted that he has agreed to do another illustrated talk to raise funds for the Hospital. The talk is called “Wales – From Mountaintop to Sea” and will be on Wednesday 1st February 2012 at 7.30pm at The Grove Lecture Theatre, Singleton Campus Swansea University. Admission is by advance ticket only, tickets are £10 each and all funds raised will go towards the running costs of Gower Bird Hospital.

This is a very popular event and there are still some tickets available for purchase at the bird hospital reception on Sandy Lane. Tel: 01792 371630.


Mark Hipkin said...

I doubt it will be a waste of money and in any case the cause is a very worthwhile one. Iolo celebrates the Wildlife in Wales, raising awareness and sharing his knowledge in this area with the enthusiasm that he displays is something that we all can learn from. Try doing something you can be proud of it will make you feel better.
Oh and by the way the new Google privacy policy means that anonymous is technically defunct in "anonymous posting" if you want to follow it up with Google.

Barry Stewart said...

Sorry Mark I deleted the previous comment before reading yours - you know I don't like entertaining anonymous posters, especially moronic ones!

1. You'd think that Iolo doing this for charity would be a good enough reason not to have a go at him whether you're a fan or not.

2. I saw him at last years event and he was brilliant, and I never spoke to anyone afterwards who didn't have the same view.

3. I've got our tickets and we're looking forward to the evening :)

John Wilson said...

I've put a splash about this on the Glamorgan Birds we site home page, as requested by Jeff Slocombe to me by text this morning.

Jeff said...

Brilliant night,great turnout,Iolo really was on top form,thoroughly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jeff. We had a wonderful evening! Sandra