30 January 2012

Pesticides blamed for bee decline

There was a very interesting article in this Sunday's Independant, this excerpt gives a flavour '...Researchers found that bees deliberately exposed to minute amounts of the pesticide were, on average, three times as likely to become infected when exposed to a parasite called nosema as those that had not. The findings, which have taken more than three years to be published, add weight to concern that a new group of insecticides called neonicotinoids are behind a worldwide decline in honey bees, along with habitat and food loss, by making them more susceptible to disease....' 
Clearly it's not just bees that are being affected!
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Andrew Lucas said...

If you read the original article and subsequent comments, it's interesting that the research has produced a new brand of 'denial' - the 'pollinator skeptic'. And the smears have started. The research is unsound, the scientists are biased, it's all a plot etc etc