04 June 2010

Another 'sea' Otter, this time at Pennard

Gareth Watkins reported the following yesterday 'On the way home...[from the cliffs at Pennard] I saw something swimming; my wife thought on the first brief glance it must be a small darkish seal. But we saw another ten or so surfacings, some through binocs & scope, and there's absolutely no doubt that it was an otter. It seemed to be pulling more & more seaweed loose. Are they common here? I don't watch the sea a lot, but I see seals occasionally -- but I can't remember seeing an otter at Pennard before.'


Anonymous said...

Just before dusk last night, whilst jogging, my girlfriend and I saw what we thought to be an otter hunting in the shallows at Bury Holmes (Northern end of Rhosili Bay). After a swim about in the swash, it ran with some pace back up into the dunes. I have never seen anything like it in the area before. A wonderful sight.

JaySwanseaBay said...

Late this afternoon at Boiler Point (between Caswell and Langland), from the coast path up on the cliffs we saw something swimming in the sea below. It was a surreal sight because it looked so alien to us: it was small (about 1ft), black and swam with its head above water and trailing its body and what looked like a tail. We have never seen anything like it and couldn't work out what it was. We thought it might have been an injured cormorant struggling to stay afloat. The sea was quite rough and the creature made its way through the white water and swell, and we watched intently realising that it would soon make its way out of the water and we would see what it was. And we were transfixed as we watched this little thing make it to shore and run across the pebbles - it was an otter! I didn't even know otters lived in the sea! We only caught a few seconds of it on land before it disappeared behind the rocks. But what a treat! It was a beautiful little thing.