12 June 2010

BTO Breeding survey TTV's

I completed my last round of summer Timed Tetrad Visits today. I only joined this valuable project halfway through, but I wish I'd started at the beginning. It has encouraged me to look for birds in my local area and is tremendously satisfying if you find something nice. Below is my favourite find of the summer. A Spotted Flycatcher, one of a pair, were found towards the end of my second timed hour. Ieuan Blackmore and myself had one in adjacent square last weekend, but, although looked for yesterday was not found again.

Other highlights have been Grasshopper Warbler singing and a long staying pair of Sedge Warblers(not confirmed yet!!!). Lots of birds flying around with food in mouth and good numbers of fledgelings being fed by parent birds. The Willow Warbler family(parent on left feeding young birds on right, 2 of 4) below is a good example for the BTO code - FL (recently FLedged young or downy young).

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