29 June 2010

Hawk-moths aplenty

A squadron of 38 Elephant Hawk-moths was quite a spectacle as I opened the garden moth trap this morning. Our previous best in over 14 years trapping at our Gorseinon address was 22 on 10th June 1997, so it appears to be a good year for the species, although we are at the peak of the flight period and last night's conditions were very good. Spot the Lime Hawk-moth amongst the elephants, a much more localised species.
The highest catch ever in our area was at Wern-olau, Gowerton on 15th July 1983, when Steve and Sarah Walmsley caught 70 in a single trap.


Mark Hipkin said...

Great Photo Barry. I think I've spotted the Lime Hawk-moth too.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great catch there Barry

Cardiff Clive said...