11 June 2010

Tree Bumble-bee now in Gorseinon

Following close on the heels West Glamorgan's first sighting of a Tree Bumble-bee (Bombus hypnorum) last week, Paul Larkin text me to say that he's seen one or two on Himalayan Cotoneatser (Cotoneatser simonsii) in his mother's garden today. He invited me round for a look and I was thrilled to get a shot of this much anticipated bee in our area. If you have cotoneaster of currant bushes in your garden it is well worth looking for this uniquely marked bee.
There are various places to submit your sightings. Obviously we'd like to know, but also check out  http://www.bumblebeeconservation.org.uk/tree_bee.htm


Mark Hipkin said...

Great find Paul. Very nice shot Barry. There's one of those in the front garden? First NPT record might be up for grabs but it looks like it won't be for long?

Anonymous said...

I am going to leave Wales in a huff soon, My cotoneaster and flowering currant blooms have gone over due to lack of rain.

Great to see the Wood Carder Bee distribution map being updated with your records.


Anonymous said...

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