02 June 2010

Weaver Fish WARNING

Sian Musgrave from the National Trust reported to me the following: 'We are getting news of a lot of weaver fish stings already this year at Llangennith ... the best advice is to wear flipflops/trainers and to avoid the water at low tide. Stings are typically on feet, hands and buttocks and the treatment is soak in water as hot as you can stand, with vinegar, for 10 - 20 mins (depending on how long ago you were stung), and whatever you do, despite the intense pain, dont panic!'
Having never seen a Weaver Fish myself, I now know how I might get the chance to experience one at least!
Here's a link to a pic of this grumpy-looking fish http://animalpicturesarchive.com/animal/a5/MKramer-Pieterman-Weaver_Fish-with_Scallop-and-Marine_Roundworm.jpg

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