01 June 2010

Profusion of marsh-orchids at Whiteford

The new slack at the south-western corner of Whiteford NNR has developed over the last 10 years of so and the flora in there diversifies year-on-year. Although there are perhaps more notable sedges and rushes, the stars of the show yesterday were undoubtedly the drifts of Southern and Early Marsh-orchids (Dactylorhiza praetermissa and D. incarnata subsp. coccinea).
Southern Marsh-orchids genrally outnumbered Early Marsh-orchids by about 4:1
The pink form of Early Marsh-orchid is frequent throughout the slack with some good displays by the track along the eastern edge.
[NB. If you do visit this site please be respectful of the breeding birds as there are several pairs of Lapwings and Ringed Plovers with chicks.]


David Carrington said...

It's great to see plenty of orchids in a Whiteford slack. On my last visit in June 2008, rogue sheep had grazed off the flowers in many of the slacks.

Barry Stewart said...

Hopefully they won't find this slack! I hope see how the fenced off slack is faring in comparison with other areas of the dunes shortly...