04 June 2010

Marsh Fritillary sightings in NPT made by Richard G. Smith

28th May - On marshy grassland to west of Bryn Tip, 4 Common Blue, 3 Small Heath & 1 Dingy Skipper. Then along track to north, more Common Blue, Small Heath & my first Small Copper this year. On tip itself, despite the stiff breeze, 21 Common Blue (two female) and 12 Small Heath. No frits this year, but probably too early yet.

2nd June: At Seven Sisters, I counted 21 very fresh Marsh Fritillary in 5 mins, before sun went in, in a sheltered hollow south of access track. Only 1 fresh male Marsh Fritillary was seen flying across burnt & damaged area, north of access track. There were numerous Small Heath and a couple of Burnet Companion also fresh on wing.

2nd June: At Rhos Common, Crynant, I found 1 fresh Marsh Fritillary today, after walking across most of southern part of common. Like many sites this year, nectar sources were scarce and this individual stayed around a small group of Heath Spotted-orchid flowers.

Funny year in many ways as vegetation still mostly very late (e,g. not even buds on Meadow Thistle yet) but many butterflies emerging normal time, then finding little nectar sources, particularly on burnt areas of Purple Moor-grass.


Barry Stewart said...

Paul Tyrrell informed me 'Good count of Marsh Frit on Pengwern common yesterday 32 in all. Seemed to be about one Female to every 5 male. Hope to get over to Welsh Moor this weekend, and do a count over there ... Still no Small Pearl-borderd Frit.'

Mark Hipkin said...

That's fantastic Richard. I hope I can add a record or two myself this summer. I look forward to your next post to see what I should be looking out for. Cheers