02 June 2010

Various observations

Mark Newton http://www.welshwildlife.com/ took the following images in the last few days from various sites:

The Fen Raft Spider (Dolomedes plantarius) is one of Europe's largest, most beautiful but least common species of spider. In our area it is found on the Tennant Canal, accessible from Pant-y-sais Fen LNR, though requires careful stalking along the canal tow path if you are to see it.
For more information on this species check out http://www.dolomedes.org.uk/index.html

Common Blues are now out in reasonable numbers, but keep an eye open for Brown Argus which can often appear in the same localities, especially near the coast. This one was photographed at Felindre.

Also seen at Felindre was this Lesser Whitethroat; like the Fen Raft Spider, this usually requires a bit of patince to get an unobstructed view like this.

The Kittiwakes are now with eggs on Mumbles Pier. Not sure of the numbers at present, but there have been over 100 pairs in recent years.

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