26 June 2010

Xylota segnis

This nice, medium sized hoverfly was fairly common and in flight yesterday. Xylota segnis is found throughout Britain. Often sunbathing on leaves or logs about woods, hedgerows and sometimes gardens. Flying May to October.
This shot shows the distinctive abdomen which is very striking when it's flying.

Martyn Hnatiuk's keen (and far too modest) eyes, spotted my earlier mistake when I pronounced this species to be Pyrophaena granditarsa. One of the clues is in the Latin where Pyrophanena granditarsa has expanded front and mid tarsi, whereas Xylota segnis has simple front tarsi. The colour isn't quite right and also the shape of the abdomen is wrong for Pyrophanaena granditarsa.


Highlander said...

Looks like it maybe Xylota segnis - but i,m no expert so don't take my word for it :-)

Mark Hipkin said...

Back to the classroom for me. "Must try Harder!" I know a bit more about both those species now, thanks Martyn.