31 December 2010

Bittern at Eglwys

I finally managed to catch up with the Bittern at Eglwys today. It can be found in the bay in front of the old hide beyond the Yacht Club.

Having never seen a Bittern before at Eglwys it was a great way to round off a very eventful 2010!!

Have a great night and Happy New Year!!!


Barry Stewart said...

Brilliant video Mark and nice to see a Bittern catching fish and looking healthy for a change.

Mark Newton said...

A very nice bird, spent a couple of weeks at Sandy Water Park with out any sucess, glad you found one


David Carrington said...

Great footage. I love the way it tilts its head and peers down into the water.

Thanks Mark, Barry and all for maintaining this blog. All the best for 2011.

Sid said...

Great footage Mark.

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks lads. I appreciate the comments. The Bittern is such a great bird its harder to mess up the footage than get it right.

This blog is moving along very nicely. It is a credit to Barry and all contributors. I'm looking forward to another great year.

Jeff said...

Great video footage Mark,you're getting a real flair for it.

Jeff said...

Hi Mark,

I used to forget that there was a video facility on my compact camera when digi-scoping before I bought the SLR and didn't take many clips.
Check out one of the few I did take of the Little Bittern on the Somerset levels in 2009 which then bred in 2010,here's the link :-


Mark Hipkin said...

Hi Jeff, Thanks. Just noticed your comment so apologies for not replying sooner. I've also just watched your video. Good stuff - what an amazing bird, it makes the whole video seem "abroad."

I've never been to that reserve but heard lots of good stuff about it. Now the NPT shackles are off maybe it's time to look further afield.

Rhianne said...

I dropped by this website on the recommendation of Gordon Howe.

I have left a comment on another post about how wonderful I find this blog ... there is so much rubbish on the web these days, it is an absolute delight to find this gem.

I wanted to let you know that in 2004 I took photographs of a Bittern on the pond outside of my home on Welshmoor.

The previous day I had heard a loud booming noise which puzzled me, and so the next day I crept out to the pond with camera in hand, and saw the bird, so snapped it. I had no idea what it was but researching on the internet revealed that it was a Bittern.

I notified the RSPB that one had stopped over to feed on our pond and they informed me that they are seldom seen in South Wales!

I feel very lucky to have seen it and to have heard that remarkable booming noise.

Thank you for sharing the excellent video.