31 December 2010


3 Chough were an unusual sight on the saltmarsh.
This water rail was the prey of a Red kite
Bar tailed godwit
Purple sandpiper
Teal over the marshes.


Barry Stewart said...

Some great images to end the year off with. I particularly like the Oystercatchers with the lighthouse behind.

I have never seen or heard of Choughs on the saltmarsh before - were they actually on the saltmarsh feeding or just flying over?

I presume that Gwyn got in touch with you regarding the kite being a bird reared in the Swansea valley this year? Again another very interesting observation.

Sid said...

Barry. The Chough spent all day in the dunes area. In the morning they were feeding around the pools at the saltmarsh just inland from the beach at SS432 941. In the afternoon they were on the marsh just beyond the kissing gate at the stand of large (foreign?) pines by the Groose.
Martyn got the Kite details, not sure from whom, but he says it was reared in Brecon? The Kite was feeding on the Rail on the dunes below and NE of Hills tor.

Highlander said...

The Kite was a male and tagged this year as a nestling, I won't say exactly where on here but was in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Thanks to Gwyn for phoning me.

Mark Hipkin said...

Fanastic set of shots there Sid. Sounds (and looks) like a really great day around Whiteford. I'm looking forward to having a look myself in the New Year.

Jeff said...

Great set of images Paul.