03 December 2010

Green Sandpiper at Neath Saltmarsh

I've put in a number of hours looking for a Green Sandpiper this year so I was delighted to finally catch up with one today. It was feeding in one of the few unfrozen inlets behind the Square Pond. Another was seen later but this might have been the same bird. The image is a cropped 'video grab' which is great for getting a good pose but not so good for definition! Also the sighting occurred not long after a heavy snow shower which left the equipment a bit steamy!

Activity was high around the river as you might expect, given the recent harsh weather. Wigeon(3), Teal(8), Canada Goose(53), Lapwing(53) and Ringed Plover(8). Lots of Meadow Pipits and at least 3 Water Pipits were present. A cracking male Merlin and at least 3 Sparrowhawk were working the area and at one point I saw a male Sparrowhawk take a Snipe sp from the ground.

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