10 December 2010

Bitterns in need of a helping hand

The Bitterns at Kenfig and elsewhere are under great stress at present as feeding areas are extremely limited. If anyone can help provide fish, or provide a donation to buy fish, this will go a long way to help the 5+ Bitterns at Kenfig NNR survive the continued freezing forecast. I have spoken to Dave Carrington (Reserve Warden) who will be very grateful to receive donations in any form. This morning while Derek Moore was bringing to my attention the benefits of supplementary feeding for Bitterns, Mike Clark managed to record his own successful efforts at supplelmentary feeding, possibly the reason all the photographers have been getting such good results recently? However, fish is not cheap and a cumulative contribution is far more likely to have long-term success. If you are able to help, Dave can be contacted at dgcarrington@sky.com or you can contact the reserve on 01656 743386.
Bittern with supplementary food (c) Mike Clark
NB. Please do not throw fish onto the ice (which will attract gulls and crows and deter the Bitterns). It is important that Dave coordinates any feeding. 

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