11 June 2011

Fly-over Noctule Bat

Noctule Bat
 I've been lucky enough to have access to some bat recording equipment over the last couple of years which has been great. Or should I say was great up until someone stole the equipment that was left in a field next to the Bwlch Road in Cimla! Anyway, I had used this equipment in the garden a few times and on analysis of the data found that there is a flight path for Noctule Bats over the garden. Peak activity occurs at dusk and dawn suggesting a regular transit route to and from a roost. Tonight I decided to see if I could capture one on camera; sure enough at 21:38 one solitary Noctule Bat flew over.
Noctule Bat

Sphegina sp. (a hoverfly)
Also in the garden this Sphegina sp was present. Between S. sibirica, S. clunipes & S. elegans one of the important areas on which to concentrate when distinguishing between these species is the humeri. On S. elegans these should be distinctly yellow and on S. clunipes they should be dark. The photo shows a couple of pale spots in the area of the right humerus (just behind the eye) but I was expecting something a little bolder to use this feature.


Barry Stewart said...

Great shots of the Noctule Mark, they look pretty sharp too for the light you must shot them in. Don't sppose you managed any Nightjars?

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks Barry. No I didn't take the camera with me on Friday although I should have done. A female came very close (about 5m) although it was a bit later in the evening with the light being not so good and the view wasn't against the sky. I'll be certain to pack the camera next time as well as choosing a warmer evening, isn't June traditionally a summer month?!

Barry Stewart said...

In other parts of the Northern Hemisphere yes, but apparently not in Wales!