12 June 2011

Whiteford 'new slack'

Yesterday morning I paid my annual visit to see the changes at the perhaps 'not so new slack' at Whiteford. Lots of good plants were on show including plenty of Yellow Bartsia (Parentucellia viscosa) and more Early Marsh-orchids (Dactylorhiza incarnata ssp. coccinea) than I've ever seen.
Early Marsh-orchid & Yellow Bartsia
carpets of Bog Pimpernel can be found in the slack
There were signs of an increase in grazing compared to previous years, which to a degree is likely to be beneficial, however, the botanical display in other parts of the dunes at Whiteford has been severely affected by Llanrhidian's so called 'saltmarsh lambs' showing a bit too much site fidelity to the dunes at Whiteford. I'm sure there's something in the Trade Descriptions Act here!

Two of nine sedge species noted: Left, Long-bracted Sedge (Carex extensa); and right, Small-fruited Yellow-sedge (Carex viridula ssp. viridula).

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Rob Ladds said...

just found Yellow Bartsia at Barlands quarry today, 28th