27 June 2011

Nightjars at Pelena

 It was a perfect night for a bit of Nightjar watching last night with the weather being so poor the night before. The activity didn't start as early as I had hoped but one pair in particular showed very well indeed. A couple of the shots against the sky have come out OK but, rather annoyingly, the ones I took of the male Nightjar on the track only a couple of metres from me did not.
It's quite interesting to see the missing feathers and rugged look to the wings and tail. I used to think of Nightjars as being quite fragile birds but they are actually quite hardy. Quite apart from their bold and inquisitive nature, they are continually diving into the undergrowth chasing after insects as well as landing and taking off regularly (often from the ground) and with their extra long wings this is bound to take its toll.


Barry Stewart said...

You did well to get any kind of shot - interesting silhouettes. Imagine you photographed one with a forked tail!

Paul Parsons said...

Nice one Mark. We check on our local birds for fledged juveniles around 20th - 24th July. They like to sit on the gravel roads and can be very approachable.