15 June 2011

Lunar Hornet Moth at Upper Neath Valley

Lunar Hornet Moth (Sesia bembeciformis)
 This fantastic moth flew past me yesterday and I was lucky enough to follow it and watch it land in a bush about 30 metres away. My first thought was that it must have been a Hornet (Vespa crabro) taking into account size, flight action and its bold markings. I managed a few record shots and I never imagined that the subject was going to turn out to be a moth. Its mimicry is truly amazing in behaviour, although it looks more like a Queen Wasp than a Hornet, the detail  is also amazing.
Lunar Hornet Moth (Sesia bembeciformis)

Chrysotoxum festivum (a hoverfly)
 Also in flight today Chrysotoxum festivum is a striking hoverfly and very nicely marked. Eristalis intricarius was seen, a very variable hoverfly and completely different to the one I saw at Crymlyn Bog earlier this year.
Eristalis intricarius (a hoverfly)
I'm starting to tick off the local hoverfly guides that Martyn Hnatiuk put together earlier this year on this blog which can still be found following the links below.




Barry Stewart said...

Fabulous spot of the Lunar Hornet Moth - only ever seen these at Oxwich when I've unintentionally trapped them in a mist net!

Meriwether said...

Fantastic record Mark. Well done too to get some photos.

Paul Parsons said...

Great find and photos Mark.