07 June 2011

Upper Neath Valley (part 2)

Scaeva pyrastri (a hoverfly)
 I found this distinctive looking hoverfly today and hoped that it would be easy to identify on my return home. Luckily enough it keyed out quite easily as Scaeva pyrastri but I was interested to discover that this hoverfly is a migrant. Stubbs and Falk state that some cases of this species occurring early in their season (early May) may involve overwintering individuals but the vast majority occur as migrants. A commonly found species especially from midsummer. The next time I see one I'll give it a bit more respect knowing it has come all the way from Europe!
Scaeva pyrastri (a hoverfly)

White-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus lucorum)
The White-tailed bumblebee (male) are now starting to emerge in this area. Typically flying around "drunk-like" and covered head to tail in pollen.

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