14 June 2011

Kittiwakes on Mumbles Pier

Mumbles Pier is now considered to be a traditional breeding site of local importance for Kittiwakes and is the largest in Glamorgan, indeed the largest in Wales east of Pembrokeshire. It has been present on the pier since 1993 and the population has steadily increased with this year's occupied nest count of 167 being a new highest record. With another 18 nests counted on the outer Worms Head today, the total Glamorgan population for 2011 sits at 185.
Kittiwakes on Mumbles RNLI boat house
with trial nesting platforms below
However despite this healthy situation, plans are in motion to redevelop the pier and securing appropriate mitigation on the adjacent RNLI boat house has been on ongoing issue. So it was reassuring to see four sets of trial nesting ledges in various situations on the boat house today. Although the birds were clearly more at home on their existing ledges, personally I am optimistic that they will take to these new structures once they have become accustomed to them.

My gratitude to the RSPB/CCW for my place in the boat today.

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