30 September 2009

Blair's Shoulder-knot in Gorseinon

Blair's Shoulder-knot appeared in the garden trap for the first time this year on the 15th October, the one shown above being trapped on the 30th. The caterpillars of this suburban moth feed on various cypress including Leyland Cypress and it is now widespread in parks and gardens throughout the area. The species is a fairly recent colonist the first record for West Glamorgan being 12th October 1995, some 19 years after it first appeared in the eastern half of the county at St Mary Church.

29 September 2009

Rhossili Headland

"Flock of 10 Chough directly overhead. 18 Grey Seals hauled out on rocks at low water on The Worm.Regular light passage of Swallows flying East." posted by David & Barbara W-D on Glamorgan Birds website

Distribution of all Chough sightings held on database shown below: (pre-2000 records lime and post 2000 records Green, with 2009 records centred black).

Mewslade & Nitten Field

This Garden Warbler in the valley was the highlight of a relatively quiet ringing session with only small numbers of migrants noted, other than overhead passage of c.400 Swallows through the morning.

I also recieved details today of a Goldfinch ringed in the Nitten Field (SS423875) on 3rd Oct 2005 that was recaptured and released again at Crennes-sur-Fraubee, France on 23rd Feb 2008.

28 September 2009

Pandemis cinnamomeana at Reynoldston

This specimem of Pandemis cinnamomeana, with its distinctive white head, was trapped at Reynoldston and is a new site record for David Painter, who's garden moth & butterfly list is now close approaching 600 species.

21 September 2009

Vine Weevil in Gorseinon moth trap

Weevils are only occasionally attracted to light and Vine Weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) has now appeared twice in the garden moth trap this month. For more weevil photos from West Glamorgan check out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonmoths/3959564253/in/set-72157618069878515/ All specimens have been identified from photographs by Adrian Fowles.

20 September 2009

National Moth Night 2009

Highlights from the GMRG meeting at Horton on 19th September included Cypress Pug and 2 L-album Wainscot [photo above]. Other highlights from trap catches submitted to date included Merveille du Jour at Cwm-twrch Isaf (Gwyn Roberts) this being a new species for the site, 32 species at Glen Moor - Reynoldston (David Painter), Convolvulus Hawk-moth and Red Underwing at Nitten Field - Mewslade (Barry Stewart & Bob Rigdon), Large Ranunculus at Waunarlwydd (Chris Manley) and 33 species including Mompha locupletella, Merveille du Jour and Pinion-streaked Snout at Waterfall Terrace, Resolven (Jenny Colley). A search of Ivy blossom at Overton (BS & Jordan Thomas) produced 2 more L-album Wainscot, these constituting the 6th county record of a species only recorded as recently as 2004. Check out http://www.nationalmothnight.info/ for more info.

19 September 2009

Fox Moths on Bryn Tip

Charles and Hilary Hipkin found large numbers of Fox Moth caterpillars on Bryn Tip (SS820923), with about 50 seen just in the grass along side the path in a distance of about 30 metres or so. This is an excellent colliery spoil site with a very strongly population of Dark Green Fritillary. Small numbers of Marsh Fritillary and Small Pearl-borded Fritillary were also recorded here in 2009 marking it as a site of at least local importance. (Photo C.R.Hipkin)

15 September 2009

Scottish Honey Buzzard at Parkmill

"satellite tracked honey buzzard roosting tonight Gower" Posted by Roy Dennis on Glamorgan Birds website. Follow the progress of Rana's migration south on Roy's excellent website http://www.roydennis.org/honey-buzzard/index.asp?id=168